The only official representative

of OAO “NPP “Kontakt”

for power tubes

and SHF devices sales


Representative for products of

“Tesla ElectronTubes s.r.o.”


Official dealer

of SC “S.E.D.-SPb.”

(JSC “Svetlana”),

St.- Petersburg, Russia

Limited Liability Company

+7 (8452) 45-96-20
Mirnyi per. - 4, Saratov, 410056, Russia

About company

Limited Liability Company   "KONR-LTD" has been working in Russia and abroad since 1993. It is an official dealer of OAO “NPP “Kontakt ", SC "S.E.D.-SPb” (JSC “Svetlana”), “Tesla ElectronTubes Co.", Czech Republic.

 The company sells electro-vacuum devices:

  • oscillator tubes,
  • thyratrons,
  • magnetrons,
  • klystrons,
  • traveling wave tubes.

 Advantages of our company:

• cooperating directly with the factories – manufacturers, authorized dealers;

• providing a comprehensive supply of components from different factories - manufacturers;

• having the opportunity to carry out a flexible pricing policy (credit sale and at prices lower than the manufacturers’);

• selling the devices after storage with re-testing them by the plant - manufacturer with warranty;

• experience in sales of oscillating tubes and other devices for more than 20 years;

• advising customers on technical issues;

• visiting the customers to determine the causes of claims.

Our company has its own warehouse for generator tubes, thyratrons, magnetrons and other products stock storage. There is a constant reserve of the most popular devices on the stock in case of emergency orders or to replace the appliances by claims.

The supplies of oscillating tubes by different other manufacturers and devices not currently produced retested by the plants - manufacturers are also carried out.

The tube shipped have a technical passport supplied by the manufacturer. Quality and specifications of high-power generator tubes and other equipment supplied complies with the Technical Requirements of the manufacturer. Before shipment all the products are additionally tested by their parameters specified in the data sheet of the manufacturer.

Deliveries are carried out within the agreed terms to the final consumer.

Our regular customers are the main industrial and telecommunication enterprises in Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.

The Chief Manager of the company since the date of its foundation - Rafael A. Esmukhanov.